My name is Emma Dyson and I am a Community Arts Practitioner and Producer currently based in North West England.

I produce, facilitate and direct Community Arts projects that not only celebrate community, but challenge local issues.

Site-specific and outdoor work really interests me - I aspire to produce public outdoor events both nationally and internationally. 

I am the Co-Founder and Creative Producer of Relay Community Arts, a community storytelling company working in Merseyside. 

See 'Experience' for examples of my work!

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Co-Founder and Creative Producer

We are Relay Community Arts CIC, an arts organisation working for and with local people within the Liverpool City Region. Using storytelling, alongside other creative outlets, we work collaboratively with communities to celebrate and share the spaces we call home.

We offer a space to raise local issues and explore creative ways to instigate practical solutions to these, allowing improvement to continue into the future. We recognise that art can be used not only for celebration and recreation, but also to encourage real change in our communities.

Relay Community Arts aims to provide sustainable creative engagement, sharing skills that can continue to be developed and utilised once a project has ended. We strive to be a creative foundation, passing the baton for long lasting community wellbeing across Merseyside.



For more details of my work or collaboration ideas, feel free to get in touch.

I'd love to chat!


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