Project | 01
Project | 01 Life in Static

‘Life in Static’ is a grapevine of creativity. Made by Tmesis Theatre's Wicked Women Creative Development cohort, we all responded to the theme 'Life in Static' and passed our response along to inspire the next one! It’s an exciting project created during lockdown that reflects our concerns about a different time.

‘How do we stay connected?’ is a creative response developed by local community group: The Belvedere Centre, about the different modes of communication used throughout lockdown.

I was also able to gain experience as Assistant Producer on this ‘Life in Static’ project, mentored by Claire Bigley (Creative Producer of Tmesis Theatre). 

Project | 02
Project | 02 Everlasting Everton A Story Through Time

'Everlasting Everton: A Story Through Time' was a Cross-Community Arts Project working with several Community and Educational organisations across Everton, Liverpool to devise a celebratory performance about the Everton community, and their resilience and resistance throughout the ages.


Utilising stories shared by community members and the Everton and District History Group, 'Everlasting Everton: A Story Through Time' followed the story of Molly Bushell (The Everton Toffee Lady), who fell asleep whilst working in her Toffee shop in 1759. Molly had been extremely busy creating her new Toffee business, but in doing so began to neglect her community. Waking up in Everton Park, in the year 2020, Molly went on a quest to find out why she was here and to find her way home. On her journey, Molly meets stories of Everton throughout time and learns the true value of a strong community, a lesson that she takes back with her to 1759. 

The performance was set to take place on Saturday 23rd May, and would have been a promenade performance through Everton Park with community performers, live music and a post-show celebration including sharing of food and family games.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the performance could not take place but there was a desire from the community to pick up this work again when it is safe again.

Project | 03
Project | 03 The Home Project

Working in association with The Home Project and the Athens Conservatoire, as a team, we facilitated a week long Drama Residency with unaccompanied young people who had refugee or asylum seeking status in Athens, Greece.


The residency had an emphasis on building confidence and having fun!


We explored the use drama, music, dance and play.

The longer the project progressed, the more participants joined in and there were some beautiful moments where the young people voluntarily shared songs from their home countries with the group. 

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